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We love hearing from our customers.

It is important to Dependable Demolition that our customer are satisfied with the services they’ve received. And we want to share with you the positive feedback they’ve given us. If you’ve had a good experience with one of our contractors, why not leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. Sara Lee says

    Thank you Dependable Demolition for making my required demolition and clean up as smooth as possible.
    You sent out a team of very good people to take care of my job on a very short notice.

  2. You guys go above and beyond. You were prompt, friendly, and efficient and I appreciate everything. You guys are awesome! Thank you!

  3. My family in South Carolina needed to have a two can garage demolition done. We did not know were to
    start on went online and found Dependable Demolition. I was able to get a quote and set up service at one
    site. The company was efficent and affordable.

  4. Shane and Michelle says

    Recently I purchase a small piece of land that had some old worn and dangerous small sheds and barns on it. Dependable Demo was helpful in taking care of that for me and getting it quickly. My children enjoy the property and I feel good knowing that they can play with out getting hurt from the old buildings that were here……THANK YOU Dependable Demo.

  5. Logan Pierce says

    I live in Jersey City and have rental property that was being remodeled and needed a dumpster for a short time due to restrictions in the neighborhood that I live in. They were helpful and understood the situation and delivered and pick up quickly.

  6. Ron MacMillan says

    We need to have a 1952 trailer demolished from our property. Most windows have been removed along with light fixtures because it is a vintage trailer, but beds, mattresses, fridge and stove parts remain. We would like to have EVERYTHING taken away. Would they do this job? This trailer has a skin of heavy gauge aluminum and steel supports underneath that can be recycled. Any suggestions? What kind of cost do you think we’d be looking at? The old trailer is 40 ft. long and 8 ft. wide. Thank you.

  7. I had a pool I wanted to have filled in. I took a chance and filled out the information for the free quote and was
    able to have Dependable Demolition help with having the pool filled and all that was needed to restore my
    backyard. I would use them again

  8. I wanted to take a moment and let other know how easy it is to have a demolition done. I thought it was
    going to be a drawn out process but, I went to one site and did everything. The best part is that the cost
    was reasonable and the service was quick and efficent.

  9. I had a pool in my yard and wanted to have it taken away and filled with dirt. I did not know where to start
    to have this done. I went online and found this site Dependable Demolition I was able to set a appointment
    and did everything at one site. I was very happy with the service and the price.

  10. I went to the site not expected to find everything I needed it one place. I have able to make to get a quote and make a appointment all in the one site. What is so very nice about the site is the company was efficient and

  11. I had a garage I wanted to tear down and enlarge my yard. I went to the Dependable Demolition site
    and was able to locate a company and arrange service at such a reasonable rate that I felt everyone
    should know

  12. I recently had my first demolition job done. Had to remove a trailor from some new property I bought. Dependable demolition really lived up to their name, very dependable and affordable. Thanks guys 🙂

  13. I live in California and we had a large shed and garage that needed to be taken away. I went to Dependable
    Demolition and was able to take card of everthing at one time. They set up the service advice me on what I
    needed to do and best of all they were very reasonable.

  14. Arwood Waste recycles enough demolition material every year to save 41 million trees and enough metal to construct over 4000 dumpsters a year. Please recycle any printed emails.

  15. I wanted everyone to know how easy it is to have a demolition done. I went to Dependable Demolition
    and was able to organize everything at one location I would recommend this site.

  16. I cant say enough good things about this company and the professional way they do buisness. I highly recommend them for all of your demolition needs.

  17. Thanks for being so prompt with my order. I would reccomend anyone in need of Demolition services call Dependable. The staff was all really nice and super proffessional.

  18. The Depedable Demoliton site is very easy to use and the response is quick and accurate. I would
    recommend the site if your in need of a demolition.

  19. Not only did you guys offer the lowest prices, but were so professional and a joy to work with. Thank you!

  20. I wanted to let everyone know that this site is great if you need a demolition done. I was not sure how to
    get one done and went online and found this site. I was able to get someone out quick and they did a
    great job.

  21. My sisters and I wanted to surprise our parents and rebuild there garage. We did not know how to start or where. I went online and discovered Dependable Demolition service. I entered in the information on the site the best I could and recieved a quote very reasonable and easy. The best part was the follow up. The company is very friendly and efficent made our plans go smoothly and quickly.

  22. Mr. Wallace says

    I had a two car garage I needed to be taken down and hauled away. I went online and discovered Dependable Demolition. I have to say the process was very easy I received a call back promptly and was able to arrange
    the entire job over the fun. I would highly recommend the service.

  23. I needed to have my pool in the backyard removed and filled in with dirt. I went online to Dependable
    Demolition and received a great price to have the job done.

  24. I had a home I needed to have a demolition on I never thought it could be so easy. I went online and found
    Dependable Demolition they were cost effective and efficent.

  25. My grandmother had a old barn in Kentucky that needed to be brought down. I did not know were to start to have
    the barn taken down and hauled away. I happen to go online and discovered Dependable Demolition. I just
    entered in my gradmother address and what I needed done. It was so easy I received a phone call that helped
    me in setting up the service. The process was easy and I would not hesitate to call them again.

  26. We have a trailer located in Tennessee that we wanted to be brought down to the concrete slap. We contacted
    the online site and received a quote quickly. The job went smoothly and I was very pleased with the entire job
    from the beginning to the end.

  27. I normally do put a comment but, thought that people should know how easy it can be to have a your yard cleared and removed. I just went online inputted what I needed done got a great quote set the service up
    and everything was so easy.

  28. I live in Oregon and had a garage that needed to be brought taken down and hauled away. I went online and
    located Dependable Demolition. The company was efficient, reasonable and professional.

  29. I can’t say enough good things about this company! From the sales staff to the on site crew everyone was extremely professional and pleasent. I wont hesitate to use them again in the future and I suggest you do the same! Thanks Dependable Demolition.

  30. I had a pool that I wanted to be removed so we could use the yard for other things. I am in South Carolina
    the company came out took out the pool filled it with dirt and did a excellent job.

  31. Cassandra says

    I had a pool that was just costing more and more to maintain. I called Dependable Demolition and within a week the pool was gone fresh grass planted and that extra money for the maintenance no longer an issue. Thank you dependable…. cedar key fl.

  32. I was really impressed with how friendly and professional everyone was at Dependable Demolition. I will definetly use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone in need of demolition or dumpster rental.

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  34. I am in a little town in Texas and needed someone to help with removing debri and loading into a dumpster for me. I called the company and they were able to provide the help I needed. The company was very effiecent
    nice and provided great service.

  35. My in-laws passed away in Long Beach and they were major horders. I contacted Dependable Demolition and they came and and removed all debris including the falling down house.

  36. I contacted the company due to I had a fence and pool that needed to taken down and removed. The company
    was affordable and quick in servicing me and I appreciated the service.

  37. I contacted Arwood Waste about my garage that needed to be removed. I have to say the company was
    fast and efficent they also were friendly and professional.

  38. Had a small house fire called and explained my situation to a representative and had a dumpster and crew at my house within 2 hours for clean up.

  39. Ralph Stewart says

    Arwood Waste and Demolition completed Demolition of Building 341 a 190 thousand sg. ft. Air Plane Hanger located at ,7329 Air Station Ave. Jacksonville Florida. In side the Mayport Naval station. I have already contracted this company again to perform another demolition in Columbia South Carolina.
    Ralph 🙂

  40. I contacted this firm regarding a home being demolished and I needed a quote quick. They sent a price with in three hours and later I hired them to performed the project. Thank you Dependable Demolition!